The Top Tips To Keep Your Soil Healthy

If you are looking to have a great crop harvest, you don’t just need to look for crop protection – which is one of the most important aspects of it – but also need to look at other things like growing your crops in a healthy soil.

Why is a Healthy Soil important?

Healthy soil can be a dealbreaker – and one you need to start thinking whenever you want to go farming. It’s what helps your plants grow and is responsible for providing them with adequate food and water.

Keeping your soil healthy is the perfect way to get a substantial amount of yields with minimum efforts. An indication of good and healthy soil is when it is dark-colored and feels crumbly in your fingers.

The Top Tips to Maintaining Your Soil Quality

Here is the thing with your farming fields – you need to take care of them even when you are not growing crops. It’s a year round effort, and it’s only when crops arent’ growing that the soil gets the chance to replenish itself.

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Ensure that your soil is well-drained

It is no secret that if the soil is well-drained, it permits the field operations to be concluded quickly and efficiently. Also, it helps the soil dry faster and assists oxygen in reaching the roots quickly too to ensure premium root health.

Avoid wet soil.

Wet soil is a strict no-no when it comes to the growth and proper nourishment of crops. It pushes the air out of the soil completely due to which; no space remains for the roots to grow. Hence, always ensure that the ground is dry prior to working on it.

Compost is your soil’s best friend.

Compost comprises of leaves, roots and dead plants. Compost plays a crucial role in the nourishment of soil as it enhances the nitrogen levels in the soil to boost the crop yields. It also aids in the addition of earthworms & other living organisms to the soil that helps it stay healthy.

Keep a steady hand on the fertilizers

Fertilizers should be used steadily and carefully, or they can potentially harm the soil. The right fertilizer should be used according to the soil type to ensure it stays healthy and should be used sparingly.

Focusing on the Basics

Sure, the soil determines your yields to a large extent.  However, do note there are other factors you need to consider too – includign the type of biopesticides you use and the the crop protection solutions that you employ, all of which have an impact on how successful your harvest is.