How to Choose the Best Tutoring Program for Your Child

Private tutors play an important role in a child’s education by paying a focused attention to building the child’s educational strengths and working on his weaknesses. This ensures the child is able to take proper interest in all the subjects and his academic progress is comprehensive. He is no longer scared of any subject or book.

Private tutors provide support as per the academic needs of the students. They teach as per the time,place,and pace that suits the students. Because of this the number of students who are taking private tuitions has increased tremendously in the US,UK,and almost in all countries around the world. This also means that there are a lot many tutors out there in the market.

But how should you decide on a tutoring program? What is the basic checklist that you should look out for before engaging a private tutor?

Education experts give an extensive to-do list for hiring a private tutor. Here is an excerpt that should help you:

Some Great Tips for Choosing a Tutor

Analyze Academic Strengths & Weaknesses

Most of the time,a child finds a certain subject difficult to make progress in without any help. This gradually gets deeper and makes me scared of other subjects as well. As a parent,you should try to get to the bottom of the problem and find out what is bothering your child. Chances are that he is feeling weak in a subject.

Get a good tutor for that subject. Once the tutor unblocks what’s preventing the child from making a sound academic progress,your child should make rapid progress in all subjects and pass the exams with high marks.

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Analyze Learning Style of Your Child

Your child may have a particular learning style that may make some tutors do well while others may struggle to teach him or her. Give a thought whether a particular tutor will be able to teach well and bring out all the hidden talents of your child through his teaching.

Get Other Parents’ Opinions

Taking references from other parents while choosing or deciding on a tutor is a good idea. This will not only give you an idea about a tutor’s style and effectiveness of teaching but also about his overall behavior and demeanor. These are important considerations when you leave your child in an adult’s company.

Budget & Timing

In a busy time like ours,the tutor and your child may not have a matching free time for each other. So,get a tutor who can adjust his timing so that it suits your child’s timings. Also find out the tuition fees and compare it with other tutors. Tuition fees are quite high these days. A little comparison can get you a little more budget-friendly tutor.

Experience & Qualifications

An experienced and well-qualified tutor can enrich your child’s academic knowledge and experience on a different paradigm. But such tutors can charge a higher fee. Keeping both these points in mind,you can find what works best for you. There are different certifications even for tutors such as Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You can take these certifications into account while choosing the tutor.

Online or In-Person

These days,students have the choice of online education that has many benefits from recorded lectures to classroom mobility. But a tutor coming over and teaching your child at your home has its own benefits. Make an analysis as to what suits your child more. Take an informed and enlightened decision.

Tutoring Agency or Individual Tutor

A tutor agency has hundreds of enlisted tutors who are experts in different subjects and provide their services in different localities. In contrast,an individual tutor may be working all alone. Tutors enlisted with agencies charge a more standard fee,and they are also verified for security reasons.

Apart from these main concerns,there are some other points to ponder:

  • – Ask your child what kind of tutor he wants
  • – Keep a tab on weekly,and monthly progress
  • – Have a cancellation policy in place
  • – Have a clear homework,and follow-up policy
  • – Let everyone in the family help with education & tuition
  • – Let the tutor know you will observe his teaching for some time
  • – Let’s decide on a pre and post learning assessment
  • – Make tutoring a pleasant experience by celebrating the success

Final thoughts

Having a tutor for your child is a good idea. And this can be a more rewarding and pleasant experience with some planning and preparations we have just recommended.

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