Brighouse Rangers Football Club first entered the Rugby Union in 1879 when they played their games from “Fink Hill” field. Four years later they obtained an improved site at Waterloo Road, Lane Head (where St. Andrews Junior School fields are today). This would remain as their home until their demise in 1906.

Rangers grew in strength as a club and boasted an England international in the Yorkshire Cup Winning Side guise of Billy Nichol. Their finest hour came in the 1894/95 season when Brighouse were crowned Yorkshire Cup champions beating Morley 16 points to 4 in front of 20,000 at Headingley.

Later that year in a meeting at the George Hotel in Huddersfield, Brighouse Rangers were one of the clubs that broke away from the Rugby Football Union to form Rugby League as we know it today. Rangers continued in the Rugby League until 1906 until the final team of 1906 a decision had to be taken for the club to disband.

Rangers have reformed numerous times since, but It was not until the mid seventies that Brighouse came to be as we know it today when Jeff Greenwood and the late John Chase decided to resurrect the Rangers who would now be playing out of Brighouse Cricket club with matches on a pitch in Welholme Park.

In the late nineties, Tesco bought the old clubhouse and with the proceeds Rangers moved to their new ground on Russell Way. Rangers have gone from strength to strength in this time, being crowned Pennine League Division 1 Champions in 2005 and after an unsuccessful time tin the National Conference League for two seasons Rangers are well on the way to being the force they were under new coaches Brendan Hill and Danny Murgatroyd.

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